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Profits Unlimited Weekly Podcast November 22, 2016

The Next Mega Trend

Hello, this is Paul Mampilly for Profits Unlimited and this is your weekly podcast. This week, I'm going to go over the new issue, which if you read our issues by email you would have received it yesterday. In this issue, you'll find a new stock and you're gonna find a new mega-trend theme, a major theme around which we are going to have enormous stock winners that could generate easily 400%, 500% winners, even 1,000% winners. I'm gonna tell you about this new mega-trend theme in a second, but before I talk about that I wanna talk about this month's stock. It's incredible stock. It's an Internet of Things stock that's absolutely critical to the Internet of Things, especially if you are a small- or medium-sized business in agriculture or in one of these industries where you don't really hear about a lot. What this business does, what this company does, is it makes things easier, and you'll see that in the issue I talk about my father and how he was trying to build a house, and in India it was really hard back at that time to build a house. To get cement was hard. To get steel was hard. To even get people to come and work on your house you kinda had to know the right people, and you'd hire somebody to kinda make the connection, wire it all together, and that's what this company does… It acts as a kind of fixer. It puts everything together, makes it easy for you so that if you have sensors from seven different companies, they can all talk to each other and you can get information out of it to help you. Incredible company! It's done incredibly well. I believe it's gonna be a phenomenal stock for us that could generate easily 350% for us over the next two to three years because of the absolutely vital role that it plays in the Internet of Things. So go and read the issue immediately! My editors and I have spent 30-hours-plus on this issue. It's a phenomenal issue; go and read it.


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In the same issue, you're going to find the introduction to our second mega trend. This mega trend is not about technology. This mega trend is about a secret force that acts in our economy that you have not heard about, that you will not read in the newspapers, that nobody is focused on right now, and because nobody is focused on it, it gives us the opportunity to get in early and be able to make investments very cheaply so that we can have these astonishing winners show up in our portfolio. I believe that this mega trend is so large, so huge that we could generate 1,000% winners. Not one. Many 1,000% winners. That's because this secret force is responsible for every major boom in the stock market. Now the secret force is people. It's people, and the mega trend that's going on right now that we are going to start getting invested in starting next month is this new generation of people. They're called the millennials. They are larger than the baby boomer generation. They are the largest generation of their kind in American history. They number over 91 million strong. Ninety-one million, that is by far the largest generation. Their spending habits are going to be so big, so large that they will create enormous, fantastically large businesses for us to invest in that can generate gains of what I believe could be in the thousands of percent. This is a new trend. I've begun to talk about it in this month's issue and I want you to go and read it because soon we're going to start to put stocks in our portfolio that are setting up to soar because of this mega trend and I don't want you to miss out. If you look at our portfolio you'll see that our stocks are going up. They are going up and they are going up fast. We've got Sprint, we've got Teradyne going up, we've got Rockwell Automation going up. We have Autodesk going up. The only three stocks that are still below the prices at which I told you to buy them are General Electric and Qorvo and Phillips, but not for long. These stocks are all setting up to skyrocket higher. If you have been waiting because you've been afraid of the election; if you've been waiting because you've been worried about a crash, you already know that we have a plan for crashes. You already know that we have a small-loss strategy and that based on my indicators and my experience I will get us out before something like that happens. So get in now before our stocks go above their buy up to price and you can't get it anymore.


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I want to tell you that I've already begun work on next month's issue, because I'm so incredibly excited about this fantastic new mega trend of the millennials and the stock winners that they can generate that I've begun work. It's an unbelievable stock that I believe really could generate incredible massive gains for us. I wanna give it away already because I want you to, for now, focus on the stock that I put into this month's issue, which is an Internet of Things stock. I want you to go read the issue and get invested in that stock. Finally, I want to tell you a quick story about Thanksgiving. As you might know, I came here as an 18-year-old kid. I was naïve. I didn't know what Thanksgiving was because I was from India and nobody told me what it was. So like any inexperienced naïve person, I assumed that Thanksgiving meant that it was a day of thanks, that it was the day that you simply gave thanks for what you had that year. And in 2016, I want to take that sentiment and I want to thank you, my readers, our subscribers, my listeners, you, for becoming part of the Profits Unlimited family, for bringing me into your home, and for this opportunity to show you a way to get rich off these mega trends, the Internet of Things and now the millennials mega trend. I want to wish you, your family, your loved ones a happy Thanksgiving and we'll be back with another weekly podcast again after the holiday. Until next week, this is Paul Mampilly for Profits Unlimited. [End of Audio]


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