2012 13 ccu scholarship application

October 19, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: N/A
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Applicant must be an active member of a CCU Partner Church.

Scholarship amounts:

Applicant must be a degree-seeking student and enrolled at CCU (Cincinnati Bible College, Cincinnati Bible Seminary, or College of Adult Learning). Enrollment requirements are:  Full-time enrollment: CBC and CAL—12 credit hrs/semester; CBS—9 credit hrs/semester

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Students who initially enrolled in Fall 2010 or succeeding terms are eligible to receive up to $3000 per year ($1500 per term) Students who enrolled prior to Fall 2010 are eligible to receive up to $1500 per year ($750 per term)

This scholarship, in combination with any other tuition-only grants or scholarships, cannot exceed the cost of tuition. It may not be used in combination with the CCU Family Grant or Partner Church Employee Scholarship. This scholarship is limited to 8 consecutive terms of enrollment at CCU. Applicant must meet the requirements of Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards as outlined in the CCU catalog. After initial scholarship application is submitted, CCU will reconfirm student’s eligibility with the Partner Church Liaison on an annual basis. Scholarship Application Deadlines: Cincinnati Bible College/Cincinnati Bible Seminary: Fall term—August 1 Spring Term—December 1; College of Adult Learning: Start of student’s individual term Students may only qualify for the Partner Church Student Scholarship through their home church. Students from outside the Cincinnati area do not qualify to receive the scholarship through a Cincinnati-area Partner Church by transferring their membership or placing a student membership. In the event that the Partner Church does not meet the commitments of the Partner Church Agreement or fails to renew its Partner Agreement, this scholarship will be discontinued effective in the term immediately following the date of the church’s withdrawal. Scholarship policies and requirements are subject to change each Academic year.

APPLICANT INFORMATION (please print) ______________________________________________________________________


Student’s Last Name

CCU ID# or Social Security Number

First Name


_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mailing Address



Zip Code



Area Code



School (check one):

 Cincinnati Bible College

 Cincinnati Bible Seminary

 College of Adult Learning

STUDENT CERTIFICATION By signing below, I certify that I have read and understand the policies and requirements related to the Partner Church Student Scholarship stated above and that I meet those requirements.



Student’s Signature


PARTNER CHURCH LIAISON CERTIFICATION By signing below, I certify that this student is an active member of the church that I represent and eligible to receive the Partner Church Student Scholarship in accordance with our agreement with Cincinnati Christian University. I understand the CCU Student Financial Services staff will confirm that this student meets all other scholarship requirements. (Note: In the event that the Student is also the Partner Church Liaison, to prevent a conflict of interest, this certification should be signed by an elder, board member or other person of authority. This alternate signer should also indicate their position at the church.)



Liaison’s Signature




Printed Name of Liaison

Printed Name of Partner Church

FOR CCU OFFICE USE ONLY: Advancement Office

Church ID# __________________________

Student Financial Services

 Partnership Status Current

Database updated:

 Student Address  PC Relationship

Student’s Initial Enrollment: Reviewer ________________________ Date ___________________________

_____________ __________________ Year

Term Form updated 4-18-12

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