Products. ACH Solutions Grow ACH Volume and Build Revenue While Reducing Your Risk Exposure

November 24, 2016 | Author: Frederica Scott | Category: N/A
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1 Products ACH Solutions Grow ACH Volume and Build Revenue While Reducing Your Risk Exposure2 3 Products ACH Solutions f...



ACH Solutions Grow ACH Volume and Build Revenue While Reducing Your Risk Exposure

Products ACH Solutions from Fiserv, an end-to-end, integrated set of solutions, delivers a secure channel to complete self-service ACH transactions by your financial institution and for your clients. Risk management controls protect against fraud, and advanced reporting options provide detailed information about your ACH activity.

ACH payments continue to grow in popularity with business customers. With ACH Solutions, you can expand customer relationships and satisfy the demand for a secure, self-service channel for your corporate customers to originate ACH transactions. These flexible solutions can also boost ACH transaction volume and fee-based revenue for your organization while mitigating risk. End-to-End Support ACH Solutions offerings work together to streamline ACH origination, payment processing, exception handling – including returns and reversals and risk management, while providing dynamic reporting functionality. Automated and efficient, these applications deliver a comprehensive ACH management system that helps differentiate your financial institution from competitors and reinforces your reputation as a leading cash management organization. Quick, User-Friendly ACH Transfers Browser-based ACH Manager from Fiserv provides flexible, automated on-arrival processing of ACH transactions originated by you and your customers. Built using service-oriented architecture (SOA), ACH Manager offers the agility to react to changing regulatory requirements. ACH Manager is tightly integrated to our online cash management solution, Business Online™, and supports businesses of any

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) is the electronic rail for financial transactions in the United States. The ACH network acts as the central clearing facility for all Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) transactions that occur nationwide, and plays a crucial role in the national banking system.

size, from small to corporate. With the sophisticated service-charging engine in ACH Manager, you can generate revenue by charging fees on commercial transactions. Benefit from the Power of PEP+® With ACH Processing Services From Fiserv With over half of America’s 21 billion ACH payments processed using our PEP+ software, Fiserv is recognized in the industry for highly efficient and technologically advanced ACH payment solutions. Now we offer PEP+ in a convenient and more affordable outsourced model with our ACH Processing Services. Your employees benefit from Web-enabled, point-and-click access to our ACH Processing Services. PEP+ enables your financial institution to quickly and efficiently originate and receive payments through the ACH network in real time. You can streamline your back-office operations, decrease costs and meet customer expectations for on-time service delivery.


Deliver Best-in-Class ACH Management to Exceed Customer Expectations

Robust, Automatic and Efficient


Financial institutions can now take advantage of leading ACH processing technology, dedicated resources and industry expertise without the costs associated with acquiring, operating and maintaining required systems. PEP+ provides quick, automated and efficient delivery of ACH payment processing, while mitigating risk. When you provide robust processing for increasing volumes of ACH payments, your organization has the opportunity to boost your revenue.

Fiserv offers a full range of state-of-theart solutions to enhance and simplify ACH management and processing, build customer relationships and mitigate fraud.

PEP+ includes a range of base functions, including online access, automated settlement, edits and interfaces, scheduling, operational security, debit authorization and protection, reporting and much more. Additional PEP+ services can be added to the base service as needed. These value-added modules help mitigate risk, obtain operational efficiency and grow revenue. The comprehensive series of easy-tointegrate modules empowers you to offer customized ACH processing services to your clients, including ACH risk management, automated scheduling and arrival processing with early warning to exceptions, prefunding, electronic payment authorization and ACH


• ACH Manager • ACH management reporting package • PEP+ • ACH Processing Services • Professional Services

positive pay, customer activity reporting, NOC Manager, Standard Entry Class (SEC) code monitoring, debit return analysis and more. These modules are designed to create a strong return on your investment by growing your financial institution’s revenue, driving customer retention and mitigating risk. Streamlined Origination and Processing ACH Manager simplifies transfer origination by offering templates for virtually all transfer types, including vendor and tax payments, and consumer debit and credits. Information about the receiving organization can be automatically prefilled from the Federal Reserve’s ACH member list. Additionally, the generated templates – including those used for multiple transfers, such as recurring payroll payments – can be saved for future use.

Once submitted, transfers are sent through an automated workflow, which validates each file, checks for duplicate items, runs risk management controls, withholds designated prefunding amounts and provides email notification of rejected and approved transfers. Customers can log in to their online account to edit transactions pending approval, and view status updates and extended ACH transaction history. Single and multiple transactions, or an entire batch, can be reversed with a single click. Reversal amounts can be split among multiple accounts on which the account holder is an owner or signer. Reversals are then processed to all affected accounts. ACH Manager also permits transactions to be placed on hold. While on-hold transactions are omitted from processing, the transaction information is saved. These transactions are also excluded from the debit and credit totals, helping customers improve record and account monitoring. If a template transfer is put on hold, the review process is automatically initiated, ensuring a notification email is sent to the authorized administrator to approve the hold.

Efficient Risk Management Controls Protect Against Fraud You can set limits governing the Standard Entry Class (SEC) type, number and dollar value of transactions initiated by your staff and customers. Limits can be established for single transactions or per batch file, or for a designated length of time. After a limit has been met, additional transfers are rejected and returned to the originator. Transfer review thresholds provide another method for monitoring the type, dollar amount and number of transfers originated. After the threshold has been met, additional submitted transfers are set to a pending approval status, and email notification is sent to the originator. The Evolution Continues While ACH has been the workhorse of electronic payment processing in the U.S. for many years, it is still evolving. As the latest transaction types emerge, such as person-to-person payments, ACH has assumed a new role as the principal carrier of those transactions and continues to be a mainstay of payment processing for the financial industry.

The ACH Pass-Thru transfer type provides advanced functionality for importing and processing NACHA-formatted ACH files. Selecting this transfer type enables you to choose specific batches within an ACH file to process immediately, as well as which ones to review or save for processing at a later time.


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A Powerful Combination PEP+ is the centralized point of financial control for all of your back-office ACH activity, both incoming and outgoing. With PEP+, you can safely automate the growing volumes of ACH payments, ensure quick and efficient ACH payment processing, and bolster your financial institution’s revenue. ACH Manager is a complete end-to-end ACH transfer solution for transactions originated by your financial institution or your customers. With ACH Manager, every step of the process is automated to provide an optimal user experience featuring advanced risk management controls. From your front end to the back office, you’ll have a comprehensive solution that provides extensive reporting and sophisticated risk mitigation tools. You’re able to expand your customer relationships by becoming the one-stop shop for all of their ACH requirements. Together, they form a powerful combination for your financial institution and your customers as a complete package to address every aspect of your organization’s ACH processing needs. Fiserv offers an extensive selection of professional services and support options to maximize the value you receive from our solutions including those for ACH management. Whether you’re enhancing your online branding, training staff or


Key Benefits With ACH Solutions, you can: • Provide flexible and convenient ACH origination • Automate and streamline ACH processing • Save time and create cost efficiencies • Stand out from the competition and attract new business • Enhance customer satisfaction and build lasting relationships • Drive deposit growth and increase revenue • Mitigate exposure to ACH fraud losses • Ensure quick access to archived ACH information • Gain valuable insight into ACH activity through detailed reporting

marketing new products to your customers, a wide range of services is available. We can also help you build and maintain a professionally designed website that attracts customers and encourages frequent visits. Connect With Us For more information about ACH Solutions, call 800-872-7882, email [email protected] or visit

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