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405 – Lessons 8, 9

c. Asian Seas and Lakes

We Remember 13.

Write true or false.

Because of a shortage of housing in Russia, many extended families live together. One-third of the land on earth is in Asia.


A long line at a Russian store probably means they are selling something that is hard to get.


English is a popular foreign language taught in the Russian schools.

16. 17.

The world population reached six billion in the 1990s.


Asia is the shape of a giant rectangle.


Russian factories are very prompt in making what the people need.

When the communist police found a Christian meeting, they usually joined in with the singing.


Christians in free countries do not need the prayers of persecuted Christians.


What Does the Bible Say? Read Psalm 65:6. What do the mountains of the


earth show about God?

Lesson 9

Climate in Asia

monsoons ( män sünzå) – Winds that blow from one direction for a long time. Read “The Climates of Asia” (pages 243-245). Answer these questions.

1. What name is given to the northernmost part of Asia?


405 – Lesson 9

2. How close is Asia to the North Pole?

3. What other place in the world gets colder than Siberia? 4. What is the average winter temperature in Siberia?

5. Why doesn’t the cold air from Siberia cool off the southern part of Asia? 6. Where are the best places for farming in Asia? 7. Where do most of the Asian people live? 8. What are monsoons? 9. What do the winter monsoons bring?

10. What do the summer monsoons bring?

11. What problems do the monsoons sometimes cause in southeastern Asia?

12. Where is the driest region of Asia?

13. What would you see in the uncleared land of southern Asia? 14. Where is the Thar Desert?

We Remember

Complete these sentences.

15. The largest lake in the world is


16. The highest mountain in the world is 17. The largest country in the world is

18. The largest continent is

19. The continent with the most people is

20. The world’s largest plain is the

21. The biggest need of the people of Asia is


22. Russia’s main church before communism was .



. . .


405 – Lessons 9, 10

23. When communism ended, church attendance buildings were

24. “The

, church

, Christian books and literature were

, and Christian schools

is the seed of the church.”


What Does the Bible Say? Read Job 28:23-26 and answer the questions.

25. From these verses, list at least four words that refer to weather and climate. 26. Who understands and is in control of these things?

Lesson 10

People in Asia

geographical races – Races or groups of people from certain parts of the world.

race – A group of people who look somewhat alike in their skin color, hair color, size, and shape. language – A way of speaking or writing that is different from other ways of speaking or writing. dialects (d8å é lekts) – Different ways of speaking the same language. Read “The People of Asia” on pages 245, 246. Do these activities.

1. Asia is a huge continent. Tell why many of the people are so crowded. 2. Match the races with their colors. (In the text, the colors are written in the same order as the names.) a.

Mongoloid race



Negroid race



Caucasian race

3. Tell how many people live in Asia.



405 – Lesson 10

Complete this chart. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Geographical Race


Skin color


Hair color

Where they live


Asia; Africa

black or dark

European Indian

8. Tell how races are different from geographical races.

Read “Languages in Asia” on pages 246-247. Complete the language chart. 9.



Mandarin Chinese





Number of Speakers

104 million



76 million

14. Write the names of all the languages you can speak. 15. Why may God want you to learn another language some day? 16. Have you ever listened to someone who spoke English, but whose speech sounded different from yours? When someone speaks the same language but in a different way, what is it called? Answer the questions.

17. How many languages are spoken in Asia?

18. Which language is spoken by the most people?

19. Why is it hard for many Asian people to understand each other?


20. Why is it hard for many Chinese-speaking people to understand each other?

405 – Lessons 10, 11

We Remember

Underline every answer that correctly completes each sentence.

21. Mount Everest reaches almost a. 7 miles

22. There are

b. 8.9 kilometers

a. six billion

above sea level. c. 5½ miles

people living in the world.

b. more than three and one-half billion

23. Monsoons


a. blow steadily for a long time b. bring rain in the winter

24. Much of the land in Asia is b. too cold for crops .

a. a warm tropical area

26. A huge mountain system in Asia a. includes the Himalayas

b. is the largest mountain group in the world

d. unimportant

d. never fail to bring needed rain


b. frozen most of the year

c. billions of

c. bring summer rains

a. covered by mountains and highlands

25. Siberia is

d. 1 mile

c. covered evenly by people

d. too wet for crops

c. the northern part of Asia .

d. south of Russia

c. is the Western Siberian Plain

d. is called the “rooftop of the world”

Lesson 11

Review and Quiz 2

It’s time to prepare for Quiz 2. Use this list to prepare: Make sure you know the meanings of the vocabulary words. Review the work you have done in Lessons 7-10. Pay special attention to the We Remember sections.

When you are ready, ask your teacher for Quiz 2.


Section 3 Lesson 12

Asia – China

Read “Asia – The First Home of People” on page 247. Answer the questions.

1. Where did God place Adam and Eve when He first created them?

2. Read Genesis 2:10-14. What are the names of the four parts of the river? 3. Which of those parts is a river in southwestern Asia? Complete these activities.

4. Name the mountain, country, and continent on which Noah’s ark landed. 5. List at least four facts about the American Indian geographical race.

6. There is a story that shows up in the histories of many people. In your own words, tell the true account of this story.

7. Next we go to China! Tell what you think about when you think of China. Read “China – The Big Land” on pages 248 and 249. What color do the Chinese usually wear . . .

8. . . . to a funeral?

9. . . . to a wedding?

10. . . . to work?


405 – Lesson 12

Follow the instructions.

11. Describe Chinese buildings. 12. Describe pandas. 13. Describe typical Chinese paintings. 14. List five needs of the Chinese people. 15. Tell why the church in China needs pastors. 16. What is life like for Chinese Christians?

We Remember 17.





22. 23.




s. race


u. grandmother

windows covered with blankets

w. African geographical race

black skin

y. language groups of Asia

Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Arabic collective farm

copied by hand Chinese

Map Activity

t. Christians meeting in secret

v. most-spoken language

x. Bibles and songbooks

z. managed by a few men

25. Ask your teacher for a map of Asia. Label all the countries of Asia and the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Label the Caspian Sea, the Aral Sea, the Gobi Desert, the Western Siberian Plain, and the Himalayan Mountains (p. 242). When your teacher has checked your map, put it in your map folder.


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